A Federal Resume Writer is Highly Skilled

April 30, 2007 – 10:12 am

A Federal resume writer is a highly skilled professional.  While anyone who makes their living as a writer must have a command of the language and be comfortable using words to craft images, persuade, inform and convey information, a Federal resume writer must do more.  The Federal resume writer must ensure that his or her client is taken seriously in consideration for the Federal job applied for.  The Federal resume writer must doe everything in his or her power, using words as tools to acquire an in-person interview for the client, using the Federal resume to make the hiring manager call the client into an office in the same manner that a newspaper, magazine or Yellow Pages ad will act like a magnet in drawing a customer into a place of business.Additionally the Federal resume writer must stay within guidelines which include character count and page count of the Federal resume, and must be skilled in reading between the lines, determining what skills the client has that are crucial to, or helpful to the job being advertised.  This includes the KSA section, where individual essays address specific skills and aptitudes required for the position.  For this reason the Federal resume writer must have a wide variety of knowledge, covering many professional skills areas.

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