Including the Vacancy Announcement Number on All Federal Job Documents

September 26, 2007 – 11:36 am

Applying for a Federal job is not like looking for a job in the private sector.  When you seek a Federal position, your application, resume and related documents need to follow certain guidelines.  Additionally, there are many applicants for Federal jobs so every page of your application documents has to contain certain information such as the job vacancy announcement number listing in the job posting.Federal employers have many applications and resumes to review and will not be able to take the time to figure out what position you are applying for if you do not clearly indicate it on the documents you submit for consideration.  The job vacancy announcement number is the reference used by Federal employers so they know what job you want.  Other information must appear on your Federal job application, resume and KSA statement, such as your name, social security number and the name of the position you are applying for.If you feel overwhelmed by the Federal job application requirements, you are not alone.  Many people seek the assistance of a professional resume writer who is familiar with the Federal specifications.  Having a professional resume writer prepare your Federal resume, application and KSA is a solid investment in your future that could mean the difference between landing a dream Federal position or still trying to get your resume right.

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