An Overview of the Ideal SES (Senior Executive Service) Job Candidate

October 9, 2007 – 10:33 am

While each Federal position description has different criteria and requirements specified in the keywords used, there are general qualifications that make someone an ideal candidate for an SES (Senior Executive Service) position with the Federal government.According to Charles Ingersoll of Korn/Ferry International, who helps to fill senior-level job openings in the Federal government, there are several qualifications an SES candidate should possess.Qualities include a sense of public service with the desire to give back.  SES employees should have noble goals and be able to make many decisions in a constantly moving environment.  Often SES positions are filled by executives who have over 20 years experience because of their level of maturity and patience.Frequently an ideal SES candidate is someone with a mix of private sector and public sector experience because the risk of not working out goes down because they know what both sectors are about.Following all the guidelines and specifications for applying is crucial when seeking a Federal SES position.  Regardless of your abilities, the process remains the same for all applicants and failure to adequately describe your qualifications according to Federal guidelines may cause your resume to be disregarded.  Hiring a professional federal resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications to prepare your resume and application is a solid investment in your future.Having a professional SES resume writer who uses the right keywords and follows the guidelines can mean the difference between landing that coveted Federal executive position or just wishing you had.

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