Applying for Army Positions: A Completely Different Process than OPM

April 13, 2007 – 9:39 am

Applying for federal jobs through the Department of the Army and becoming one of the thousands of civilian support personnel that keep the Army working smoothly is a different process than what is required for other federal positions such as those through the Office of Personnel Management.  Applying for these Army jobs requires use of Resumix, an automated resume storage systems.  The central Resumix database allows an applicant to submit just one resume that will be used worldwide.  The format is distinctive and must be adhered to in order for a resume to be considered when a candidate applies for a position. The resumix resume should be developed in a consistent, uniform manner and in the Army’s desired format for processing and entering into the central database, along with supplemental data sheets.Many job candidates choose to have their resumix resume prepared by a professional who is familiar with the process and format that must be used.  The best argument for this is the fact that the Army is filled with civilian workers who had their resumix resumes prepared professionally for just that reason.  Realizing that they were highly skilled in their specialty areas but not skilled in the specialty area of resumix preparation, many now happily employed Army civilians had their resumix resumes written by professional resume writers who understand, and specialize in the Army hiring process and the resumix format.

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