Applying Online: You Need an Effective Plain Text Resume

June 5, 2007 – 2:14 pm

When applying online a plain text version of the resume is essential.  When a resume is prepared in a standard word processing program such as Microsoft Word, Word Perfect or the word processing part of Open Office or Microsoft Works, the formatting is much cleaner and the resume itself looks better.  However, while MS Word is used by many, there are other programs out there as well, with no particular standard used by everyone.For that reason, most online sites and in particular USAJobs require that a resume be posting in a plain text, or .txt format.  Federal jobs are applied for also by submitting KSA statements, knowledge skills and aptitudes.  This as well should be submitted in plain text format.Translating your Federal resume into a plain text format isn’t difficult. You simply go to the “file” section of Microsoft Word or the equivalent in other programs, click “save as” and then choose “plain text”.  Afterwards, but sure to go into the file and check the formatting. There may be odd characters saved that need to be deleted. Many people find that using WordPad or Notepad for editing is helpful.Of course, a resume professional will usually provide a plain text version of the resume and KSA statement to the client along with the Word version.

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