Can I Use My Corporate Resume to Apply for a Federal Job Posting? The Short Answer is NO

September 3, 2007 – 12:04 pm

A corporate resume geared for the private sector is different than a resume to apply for a desirable position with the federal government.Applying for a federal job requires you to submit certain documentation according to their specifications and guidelines.  With so many applicants for federal jobs, if you fail to follow the rules for submission your resume may not be considered.  A federal resume requires you to include certain information that you would not normally put on a corporate resume, such as:-the specific job you are applying for including job/listing number, title, series and job grade;-personal information including name, address, day and evening phone numbers, your country of citizenship, social security number as well as certain information such as veteran’s preference, if applicable;-education, including high school and college with the degrees you received and the years;-work experience, including job title, duties, employer’s name, supervisors name, address and phone number, when you worked, your hours and salary and references; and-qualifications such as accomplishments, skills, licenses, honors and awards.Although this seems to be a lot of information, your ultimate goal is to get an interview.  Your background should be listed in reverse chronological order.  Unlike the private sector, to get in to the door for federal interview, you need to provide all the facts about your background first.If applying for a federal position seems daunting, why not make an investment in your future by hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with the federal application process.  Having the right resume can mean the difference between landing your dream federal job or just continuing to dream about it.

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