What Happens When You Exceed Character Limits on a Federal Job Application or Resume

September 27, 2007 – 10:20 am

Federal job applications and resumes must follow a certain format and comply with the guidelines.  What happens when you exceed the character limits on a Federal job application or resume?  The Federal system immediately recognizes you did not follow the guidelines.If your Federal government resume or job application exceeds the character limit, you will not be able to complete the online application process.  You cannot advance to other sections of the Federal job application or resume if your document exceeds the character limit.  Spaces count and some systems do not have a character counting feature so you need to keep track of this yourself as you prepare your Federal job application and resume according to the specified guidelines.Each federal job you apply for has different requirements and a different number of characters you can use on your application and resume.  You need to carefully review these character limits so you can progress properly with your Federal job application and submit your resume.  If these Federal job application and resume requirements are overwhelming, consider hiring a professional resume writer to prepare your employment documents.  A resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications can craft a resume that will get you noticed rather than rejected.

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