What Happens if I Exceed the Character Limits on my Federal Resume?

October 10, 2007 – 12:52 pm

Q.  What happens if I exceed the characters limits on my Federal resume?A.  Remember that your Federal resume is the first impression your prospective employers get of you and your qualifications.  Federal resumes and job applications follow a specific format and you must follow the guidelines provided for applying.  When your Federal resume or job application exceeds the designated character limit, the Federal system will recognize you did not follow the instructions right away.When you are applying online, if your Federal resume or job application goes over the character limit, in some cases, you will be prohibited from completing the online job application process or at the very least only parts of your resume will make it into their database because the application will prompt you to reduce the character limit for each section.  You will not be able to move onto other sections of the Federal job application if your required document exceeds the stated character limit.  When you consider character limit, you need to remember that spaces count because certain Federal systems do not have the feature that counts your characters meaning you will have to keep track of this on your own.  Also, each Federal job you apply for will have their own unique requirements and a different number of characters allowed on your application and resume.  Therefore, it is necessary to carefully review the specifications and character limits for each Federal job before you apply so you can comply with the guidelines for submission.  If these requirements seems tough to comply with, consider hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications to prepare and submit your resume.  Having the right resume and job application in the competitive Federal job arena can mean the difference between landing a coveted Federal position and just dreaming about it.

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