Competitive Service

August 19, 2007 – 10:21 am

There are two main ways to enter the federal civil service—through an excepted service appointment or through a competitive process. Regardless of whether you are applying for an excepted or competitive position, what is important to recognize is that it is typical for hundreds and even thousands of individuals to apply to any one position, so take care in reading the details of the application and make sure you are addressing everything that is asked for.Competitive Civil ServiceCompetitive civil service jobs are filled according to a merit system where the best qualified candidates are chosen based on an application and interview process. Managers can hire a current federal employee (promotion or transfer) or may choose to hire someone from outside the federal government.Non-Competitive StatusIndividuals who have committed to serving the country through certain programs are eligible, upon completion of the program, to be non-competitively appointed to a position in the federal government (i.e., they do not have to go through the regular competitive hiring civil service hiring process).* AmeriCorps*VISTA members must serve one year in order to be eligible for non-competitive status link* PeaceCorps volunteers must first commit two years to the Peace Corps before receiving non-competitive status linkEligibility for non-competitive status is for a one-year period following their departure from the program. In some cases, that eligibility can be extended for up to two additional years if the person first goes into the military or an institution of higher learning after leaving the Peace Corps or VISTA.

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