Determining your Veteran’s Preference on Your Federal Resume

August 14, 2007 – 2:27 pm

As a veteran, you have preference for federal jobs because of your outstanding service and it is necessary to determine your preference on your federal resume for consideration.Basic eligibility requirements in accordance with the United States Code include:-general or honorable discharge;-military retirees with a rank of major, lieutenant, commander or higher are not eligible for preference unless they are disabled;-Reserve and Guard active duty for the purposes of training does not quality for preferential treatment;-preference must be claimed on the veteran’s resume or application – 10 point preference requires completion of form SF-15.Veterans may have 5 point or 10 point preference, depending on the time and nature of their service in the military.  It is essential for veterans to be aware of these requirement and preference when applying for a coveted federal government position.If you are unsure of how to prepare your resume and apply for a federal job, consider hiring a professional resume writerwho is completely familiar with the process.  A professional resume writer can prepare your resume, application and related forms according to specification and ensure proper submission.  Hiring a resume writer can mean the difference between landing that great federal government position or continuing to pound the pavement to no avail.

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