Don’t Use A Private Sector Resume to Apply for a Federal Government Job: You Need a Federal Formatted Resume

June 8, 2007 – 4:55 pm

When you apply for a highly coveted federal job, you need to submit a federal formatted resume to be considered for the position. With so many candidates applying for few federal positions, having a corrected formatted resume can make the difference between whether you get the job or not.A resume that you would use to apply for private sector employment is inadequate for seeking federal employment. Traditional resumes used for private sector positions are usually one or two pages and are designed to be an introduction to a potential employee. Resumes used to apply for federal jobs are highly structured document that need to contain specific data for consideration. Particular details are required to be included in a federal formatted resume. Personal information, backgrounds information, work experience, special skills and other facts need to be included in the resume you use to get a federal job.If you really want to get that desirable government position, hire a professional to put together a federal formatted resume. A resume professional will include all pertinent details, cover letter and necessary information required to land that federal job you really want. Securing a federal position is very competitive – why not give yourself the edge by having a professional properly prepare your resume?

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