Federal Resume for Army Jobs: Resumix Restricts Characters in Employment Section (Make Sure Yours Includes the Most Critical Job Functions)

May 31, 2007 – 3:23 pm

Federal resumes for jobs with the Department of the Army use a format they call Resumix, which has length limits many will find unusual.  Character restrictions in the employment section, rather than a page length limit or number of words limit.  It is extremely important that the applicant adhere to this restrictions as this can be seen as the first part of the screening process.  Use too many characters in the employment sections and your Resumix Federal resume goes into the electronic trash dumpster, never to reappear.  Your resume makes the first impression for you and it is imperative that it make a good first impression.When preparing job descriptions, the restrictions may seem daunting, but thousands have successfully worked within the guidelines.  Including the most critical job functions for those positions you have held in the past, in particular those that directly relate to the position you are applying for is necessary.  Quality writing putting your best food forward, while working within the character limits are another reason for consulting with a professional Federal resume writer who has experience in writing this type of resume and a successful track record.

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