Federal Resume: How Many Years of Employment to Include

May 25, 2007 – 10:08 am

How many years of employment should you include on a Federal resume?  The short answer is “all of it.”  Federal resumes do not go by the same rules as those used in the private sector. With a private sector resume ten to fifteen years is considered standard. With a Federal resume you may find it wise to go back even further.The Federal government receives many more applicants for each job opening they have than they could ever hope to place, and they pay strict attention to detail in the Federal resume.  They are less concerned with age or likely to practice age discrimination than a private sector employer.Listing all of your job experience as far back as it goes is going to benefit you.  Of course, when you get back past ten years and get into areas that may not be as relevant, shorter job descriptions or summarizations of jobs held can hold the reader’s attention better and might be your best bet.  This is the type of information that a professional Federal resume writer can help you with and one more reason to use a professional Federal resume writing service.

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