Federal Resume Job Descriptions: Keep it Short but Pay Attention to Keywords

May 11, 2007 – 9:51 am

When preparing your Federal resume and writing the job descriptions for previous jobs you’ve held, keep the descriptions short, sweet and to  the point. One of the worst things a  person can do on a Federal resume is ramble.  It wastes both the time of the reader and the space you have available to say things about yourself that are positive and will benefit you.Remember also that the reader wants to quickly scan the job description to see what you’ve done, and with a short and simple description you can then lead them into listing of the accomplishments you have at the job, something that is more likely to impress the reader and make him or her want to interview you.Paying attention to keywords in the job description is also important.  Software programs that scan for keywords are sometimes the first step in screening resumes, and even if it is done by a human being, not having the right keywords which you can find in the description of the job you are applying for can hurt you, so do your research and use the keywords naturally in sentence and paragraph form in the Federal resume.

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