Federal Resume Tips To Make Sure Your Resume is Noticed

May 8, 2007 – 10:04 am

Everyone who is applying for a federal job wants to find out professional tips to make sure that their resume is noticed.  Of course, a specialist in this area like a professional resume writer is always the best choice.  However, if working on your own Federal resume one tip is to use a clean, sharp looking font for your resume. Tightly worded and well written sentences and paragraphs are essential, and when it is possible to highlight certain important aspects of your skills or qualifications, then do so.If in the military you will have copies of previous evaluation forms by supervisors, and some civilian personnel will have those as well.  In that case, placing a section on the Federal resume that contains short direct quotes from evaluations that put you in a positive light will also make sure your resume is noticed, in a positive way.  These quotes can be italicized to make them more noticeable, and in their own separate section.Also if listing a college degree, boldface the degree earned to draw attention to the fact that you have it.  The same with specialized training or awards you may have received, especially form government agencies.

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