Including Previous Federal Pay Grades on Your OPM Resume: A Help or Hinderance?

June 14, 2007 – 11:11 am

Is including previous Federal pay grades on your OPM resume a help or a hindrance when seeking a new Federal position?This is a source of discussion and of some controversy in the field, but common sense should tell an applicant that for the most part including the previous grades will help you. For one thing it shows that you are already a “member of the club” and familiar with the Federal system.You have been exposed to Federal employment culture, which will lower the learning curve in your training. Another aspect that should help you is that you already have time in towards Federal retirement, which like Veteran’s preference, will give you a leg up.The hiring managers you deal with would prefer someone who takes less training, will fit into the system and culture easier and more naturally because of their experience, and will be able to learn the duties of the position faster, performing them more competently.Previous Federal employees are, rightly or wrongly, seen in this light by current Federal employees. Your previous Federal positions should definitely be listed and should assist you in gaining the position you desire.

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