Get Ready for the Federal Job Interview Process: It Takes a While and Can Involve Many Steps

September 18, 2007 – 12:39 pm

Are you fortunate enough to be getting ready for a federal job interview? The newest federal interview is the behavior-based interview that does not follow a yes or no quiz format but rather questions are asked that lead you to talk and get an interviewer interested in your qualifications without boring them.During the interview, the focus will be on how your past experiences have prepared you for the federal position you want. Demonstrating your qualifications through specific examples and stories will put you ahead of the competition. Consider these tips for effectively preparing for a federal interview:

  • know the mission of the agency and related your past experience to their exact statement;
  • target the top five skills the agency is seeking and have examples ready to prove you have them;
  • tell a good, memorable story about your work performance without being long-winded;
  • examine the core competencies and have a heart-warming story or two about your ability to meet them, such as being empathetic to co-workers or developing systems to get the job done faster;
  • memorize your job skills and competencies by writing them on paper and repeating them or even taping them; and
  • be enthusiastic about the position you are interviewing for, be attentive and be genuinely helpful and likable.

Remember, you are to be congratulated if you get far enough to get an interview for a coveted federal position. Make the most of this opportunity by practicing and bringing an updated resume. Having a resume prepared by a professional resume service can put you even further ahead of other applicants in a competitive federal job market.

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