How a KSA Statement is Scored by the Federal Government

May 3, 2007 – 9:47 am

When writing the KSA’s or knowledge skills and aptitudes essays to accompany a Federal resume the process and importance of the KSA should be taken quite seriously.  Only the top three scoring KSAs will be considered, so it is logical to assume that only the top three by score will be interviewed, and as an applicant you want to be in that top three.The scoring of KSAs is based on a scale of from one to 100, and a candidate must score above 70 to even be considered, but the goal is to get between 90 and 100. This is accomplished through being as specific as possible in responding to the questions and having examples from previous employment or training that clearly demonstrate you meet the qualifications. Get to the point without rambling, confirm your ability to do the job, give examples of adequate performance of the job or a related job, and use as many examples as possible.Like any other part of the Federal job application process, the most serious candidates hire the services of a qualified Federal resume writer to ensure that they present themselves as well as possible.

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  2. Can you get in trouble by using this service?

    I work for the federal government, but want to apply for a higher position. I want my KSA’s to be really good, but over the time, I have a resume on a disk, but our computers do not have that type of device. we use CD’s.

    I have done so muc over the years I am not sure if I will remember it all.

    By Eileen Sofre on Aug 12, 2008

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