How Many Years Employment Should You Include on a Federal Resume?

April 18, 2007 – 9:09 am

How many years employment should be included on a Federal resume?  The short answer is all of them.  The Federal government, whether it is the Office of Personnel Management, the Department of the Army with a resumix resume, the Department of the Navy with their resumix, or the Department of the Air Force with theirs, prefer more information and not less.On a Federal resume length is less important than thoroughness and providing all information requested.   A Federal resume should not go over five pages in length, but the government does wish to have contact information, dates of employment and names of supervisors for all jobs held during a person’s career.  If necessary to avoid going over five pages, information can be condensed for older jobs, but as much information should be listed as possible.Of course the length limit does not include the KSA’s, or knowledge skills and aptitudes essay questions that go with most Federal employment resumes.  In these KSA answers all relevant information that can be included from all previous jobs should be listed.  If going back 20 or 25 years will be of benefit, don’t hesitate to go back that far.  And remember that if in doubt about length, about how far to go back in employment history, or in what is most important to include, a professional Federal resume writer can provide the answers and shorten your job search.

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