How the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Grades your KSA Statement

June 8, 2007 – 9:48 am

Your KSA’s, features knowledge, skills and abilities that relate directly to the job that you are applying for with your Federal resume. It is graded by the OPM, or Office of Personnel Management. When they grade it the OPM grader or reviewer uses a pre-establshed point system as a grading guide. This makes the KSA statement possibly the most important document you submit when applying for a Federal job.The KSA statement consists of answers to questions relating to duties and qualifications required in the position sought. An applicant needs to describe knowledge, skills and abilities in specific detail to receive the maximum number of points during the review and evaluation. Examples from previous positions or life experiences listed here add to the points received and improve the grade. It is important that the applicant study the job announcement and include key words that relate to the position. A key word can relate a great deal and will add weight to the KSA statement. Multiple key words will exponentially increase the value of the KSA statement. Of course, a professional Federal resume writer understands the grading system well and can ensure that you, as a client, get the maximum possible grade.

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  2. Also it is essential to add that KSA’s have become so important that in some cases they are used to make a hiring decision. So don’t underestimate them … You should treat them the same way you treat your resume.

    By KSA writing on Feb 2, 2010

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