How to Follow Up on a Federal Job Application

June 20, 2007 – 8:57 am

How to follow up on a Federal job application and submitted resume is an area of common error on the part of job applicants. Indeed, it is the main mistake made by job seekers who have a good resume. They expect the resume by itself to somehow magically make itself noticed when the hiring manager may have several hundred sitting on the computer, or on the desk in front of them.Follow up should be formal, polite, and as aggressive as possible. A formal follow up letter sent to the hiring manager along with a second copy of the Federal resume & KSA statements if they were requested, gives you top of mind awareness. It also makes it easy on the hiring manager to recheck your qualifications. In addition to making it easy on the hiring manager it should that you are persistent, that you are serious about wanting the job, and that you understand formal communication.If you have had an interview, then a thank you letter should be sent quickly after the interview. It does not need to include a second copy of the resume or KSAs but will also emphasize your seriousness.

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