Including Salary and Supervisor Contacts on a Federal Resume

April 17, 2007 – 7:40 am

When preparing a Federal resume, whether it is for submission to the Office of Personnel Management or one of the military Resumix resume formats, notice that salary information and supervisor contacts are requested.  In a private sector resume this information is usually not asked for, or if it is then it will be requested during the interview process, when a candidate has actually passed through the first screening and is seriously being considered for a job.  The Federal process, however, requires that this information be submitted.  As a requirement, the job candidate is taking a chance on having the resume thrown out and all efforts in landing a Federal job placed in jeopardy by not including this information.  So, the smart Federal job hunter will include this information as with all information that is requested. Hint:  when the word requested appears in a federal application, think “required”.If a job is several years in the past and the candidate no longer knows the information required, then the best educated guess becomes the proper answer.  Estimating the amount of salary you received, or listing the hourly wage in that section with older jobs should meet the requirements.  The same with supervisors.  Come as close as possible.  If that person no longer works there, make a call to the company or stop by and get a contact name and phone number to list who could verify your employment.  Do the best you can to provide complete information and you’ll have a better shot at Federal employment.

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