Interviewing with the US Federal Governemnt: Understanding the INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW

August 23, 2007 – 2:40 pm

You will encounter two types of interviews during your search for a coveted federal position – the informational interview and the employment interview. The informational interview is an outstanding networking tool to explore job opportunities with the government and can help to you get an employment interview in the competitive job market.To get an informational interview, call area agencies and ask to speak with a supervisor in your specialty or Human Resources about government careers. When you talk abut possible positions, ask if the individual would be willing to spend fifteen minutes discussing federal career paths with their agency in person. If you are granted an informational interview, bring your signed employment application or federal resume with a cover letter detailing your qualifications and desires. Be prepared to ask specific questions and take an interview with any employee who is willing to speak with you – the person does not necessarily have to be a supervisor. Sometimes support staff offer information that will help you on a career path you may not have even been aware of.If you want to make the most of your informational interview, consider hiring a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer is familiar with federal resume guidelines and will help you to develop an effective resume. Having a resume writer prepare your federal resume and cover letter is a solid investment in your future.

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