On the Job Success Tips to Get Yourself to the SES Level

October 16, 2007 – 11:56 am

Being a Federal employee gives greater opportunity for advancement than most other employers. In fact, at the senior management level referred to as Senior Executive Service (SES), the average salaries range from $107,550 to $162,100 with over 7,000 SES employees currently serving the government.If you want a desirable SES level position, it is a good idea to get in the door as a Federal employee. For example, most Federal positions have promotional potential or a “career ladder”. An entry-level position may give you the potential to get rapidly promoted after successful service for at least one year. As you progress in grades, you will receive a substantial salary increase and additional responsibilities to add to your resume. As a Federal employee, your probationary period is usually 1 year and then you are almost guaranteed lifetime employment and few such employees are ever fired, laid off or forced to transfer. Thus, your daily job performance will be a determining factor in how far you go as a Federal employee.SES positions are the highest level of civil service and personnel , responsible for entire functions of an agency. You need at least 10 years experience to qualify for SES position. Even if you are a Federal employee, you need a resume and additional statements such as Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) statements to show your leadership competencies such as leading change, leading people, business acumen, results driven and building coalitions.As a Federal employee in a lower level position, always show your ability to learn, innovate, be flexible, serve customers, manage conflict, leverage diversity, build teams, be accountable, solve problems, deal well with technology, manage finances, manage people, communicate openly and negotiate effectively. Developing these skills and crafting an effective resume and ECQ statements will lead you to a coveted SES position. For a distinct advantage in a competitive Federal job market, have a professional resume writer prepare the documents to pursue that dream SES position.

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