Keywords are CRITICAL in a Federal Resume

April 23, 2007 – 8:30 am

Keywords are important in any resume, but they are critical in a Federal resume. Whether you are applying for a Federal job through the Office of Personnel Management, or using a army navy resumix resume, keywords that relate to the job you are applying for and want to perform need to be included in the resume itself. Your professional Federal resume writer can help you to determine which keywords will assist you and make getting the important interview more likely.When the resume in analyzed it is quite often searched electronically. If the keywords that relate to the job you are after are included in the résumé it will make the cut. Much like using Yahoo or Google to perform a web search, the software used at the Federal level will go over all submitted resumes and determine which candidates meet the grade through use of words relating to the job. It doesn’t’ matter what the job is, there are lists of words that connect to the job that are relevant and if used will help you. This can be a complicated process, but once again, this is one of the reasons for using a professional Federal résumé professional. These pros know what words to use and will help you get the interview.

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