Keywords are Essential in a Federal Resume

September 13, 2007 – 2:20 pm

Preparing a federal resume is much different than creating a resume to apply for jobs in the private sector.  When you put together your federal resume, it is essential to use the proper keywords to get your resume noticed.Because the majority of federal agencies use resume databases to manage job applicants, they use a few keywords to search for qualified candidates.  It is critical to know the right keywords and key skills to successfully seek a coveted federal position.  Formerly, keywords were known as buzzwords such as simple terms like manage.  However, because using a broad word such as as “manage” would yield too many results, federal employers search for terms that are specific to the job announcement.There is no single book or resource available to tell you the exact keywords to use.  By reading, research and carefully perusing the “duties” section of vacancy announcements, you can try to locate the key terms used to describe the position and the skills you need to get the job.  If you are unsure of the right keywords to use, your resume may get passed by and leave you wondering what happened to your application.  Hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with the federal job application process is a solid investment in your future because they will know the proper format and keywords to use to get your application noticed.

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