Keywords are the Secret Key to Federal Employment When Writing your KSA

August 20, 2007 – 1:21 pm

In your Federal resume and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA), it is essential to use certain keywords to gain attention over the many other applicants for the position. The use of the right keywords can get your resume and KSA noticed by a Federal employer over a sea of other applicants for the same position.Because the Federal government offers secure employment with great benefits, many people apply for the posted positions. Following guidelines and using keywords when submitting your resume may mean the difference between getting an interview for a coveted Federal position or having your application dismissed.It is critical to review the job posting for certain buzz words that will grab the Federal employer’s attention. Examining areas of the job advertisement such as “qualifications”, “skills” and “requirements” will give you an idea of certain keywords to use. It is essential to use words that are powerful and state your unique qualifications to perform the Federal job posted. Keywords are the secret key to Federal employment.Hiring a professional resume writer is also a key element to successfully applying for a coveted Federal position. A professional resume writer is familiar with Federal resume and KSA submission requirements and how to use the right keywords to draw attention to your application. A resume writer is a solid investment in your future that could mean the difference between landing a desirable Federal position or not even getting a call for an interview.

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