Use Keywords in the Vacancy Announcement to Enrich a Federal Resume and KSAO

September 24, 2007 – 1:13 pm

Your federal resume and KSAO outlining your knowledge, skills and abilities by using relevant keywords are the most important documents required to start or advance your career with the federal government.Federal resumes are much different from those used to apply for positions in private industry. Most federal resumes are longer than private sector resumes because they contain basic compliance information that is required for consideration by government personnel. A federal resume and accompanying KSAO are actually critical marketing tools that summarize your career and make an overall personal presentation of what you have to offer as a prospective federal employee. Organized in a reverse chronological format, a federal resume can encompass anywhere from two to ten pages.The best way to get your federal resume and KSAO noticed by government personnel is to use the keywords and core competencies listed in the job announcement itself. The strategic development of your federal resume and KSAO to include keywords used in the job announcement will get your resume noticed and put it at the top of the qualification selection.If the federal resume process presents a challenge, consider hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with federal specifications to prepare your resume and KSAO. Having a federal resume and KSAO that follows federal resume writing guidelines and incorporates essential keywords may mean the difference between attaining a coveted federal position or waiting for a telephone call that never comes.

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