Navigating the Army Resume Application: What You Should Know

June 22, 2007 – 11:00 am

When you first go to the Army Resume Application site where résumé builder allows you to create or submit a resume there is a training module. This can be accessed in an MS Word version to read, or an online video can be watched providing detailed instructions. The site is located at and is a valuable tool the Federal job hunter can use.This system is created to assist users in entering their résumés into the centralized Army Resumix system. Supplemental data can also be entered here. The system is designed to be intuitive with easy to follow instructions and by entering a resume once an applicant is able to take full advantage of the system and apply for many positions as they be come available.The system also includes a tool called ANSWER which stands for Applicant Notification System Web Enabled Response. This allows a complete tracking of resume status. Users are able to toggle back and forth between the Resume Builder and the ANSWER system.The main thing that an applicant should keep in mind is simply that all instructions should be read and should be followed closely. Doing so will allow submission of a resume and KSA statements when jobs are located, will automate the entire process and become a great time saver for the applicant.

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