No Success Landing a Federal Job Interview? Your Resume May be Holding You Back

July 13, 2007 – 9:47 am

Have you been having difficulty landing that coveted Federal job interview?  Are you having no success with your Federal job applications?  Applying for a Federal job is not the same as seeking employment in the private business sector.  Federal government positions require applicants to submit certain documentation in a specific way to even get consideration.Federal jobs offer incredible salary opportunities and outstanding benefits.  As a result, it is extremely competitive to even get an interview for the Federal job.  Your resume will give Federal employers their first critical impression of you.  Based upon this impression, you will or will not get an opportunity to interview for a Federal position.When you apply for a Federal job, your resume must follow a specific format and contain the correct number of pages or characters.  Keywords are also a critical part of your resume gaining recognition in the Federal employment system.  When you fail to fulfill all the necessary requirements for applying for a Federal job, they will simply trash your resume without giving you a chance to get in the door.If you still have not gotten that interview for a Federal job, consider hiring a professional resume writer to help you out.  A professional resume writer is fully familiar with Federal job application requirements and can prepare a competitive resume on your behalf.  The money your spend on a professional resume writer is invaluable if you secure that great Federal job.

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