Understanding the Various Resumix Resume Formats: A Brief Overview of the AIR FORCE Resume

November 7, 2007 – 7:41 pm

When you are applying for a coveted Federal position, each online application format has different requirements for the number of characters allowed, the length and the number of jobs you can describe.  It is essential to use the proper format to apply for a Federal job or your resume may be overlooked.If you are applying for a position with the Air Force, the Resumix resume format will allow you to describe up to 6 positions to show your work experience with only up to 1,500 characters per position.  In the format used for the Air Force, there are additional fields for licenses, education, skills, training, awards, certifications and other related information.  You also must include answers to all KSAs in the resume in this format.  You can only have one Air Force Resumix on filed for all the applications you make for positions with the Air Force.However, all Air Force positions do no use the Air Force Resumix and rather they use a paper-based regular Federal resume with separate KSAs for the application process.If you are looking to stand head and shoulders above the many other candidates, make an investment in your future by hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications and the application process.  Having a professional prepare your resume can mean the difference between landing that desirable Air Force job and just dreaming about it.

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