Have a Plain Text Version of your Federal Resume Ready for Some Online Application Sites

September 28, 2007 – 11:56 am

Are you trying to attain a coveted Federal position?  Along with following the various guidelines that apply to Federal resumes and applications, you should also have a plain text version of your Federal resume ready for certain online application websites.If you are applying online, it is necessary to have a resume formatted in plain text.  Although a resume prepared in a standard work processing program such as Word Perfect or Microsoft word may look cleaner and neater, there are also other programs for word processing and there is actually no particular standard that is used by everybody.  Because of this, the majority of online Federal job application websites require that you post your resume in .txt format, commonly referred to as plain text.  Your KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities) statements should also be submitted online in plain text format, whenever it is asked or required.To convert your Federal application documents into plain text in Microsoft word, go to “file”, select “save as” and then select “plain text”, then go into the file and verify the formatting was updated and delete any odd spaces or characters that may appear.  If you want to ensure your resume is properly formatted and submitted, hire a professional resume writer to take care of it.  Having a resume writer prepare your Federal application can mean the difference between getting the job you want or not even getting an interview.

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