Understanding the Increasingly Popular Assessment Questionnaire for Federal Job Applicants

October 29, 2007 – 6:38 pm

Besides the specifications for the submission of resumes and the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) statements, an increasing number of government agencies are requiring applicants to complete self-assessment questionnaires.The newly popular assessment questions are intended to make the federal job application process simpler and are pre-interview questions to determine a candidate’s eligibility for the position.  Your basic and specialized qualifications are determined by your core and self-assessment questions as well as your resume.  Self-assessment questions may have responses such as yes/no, true/false and “check all that apply” related to duties required for a job.  You will also rate yourself and if you cannot give yourself a 4 or 5, consider whether you should apply for the position since human resources will want top applicants.  You often need to back up your self-assessment score with examples so be ready to provide your capabilities with specifics.Your assessment responses should match the language used in your resume writing to compliment it.  Usually there are 10 to 30 assessment questions, which you should print out in preparation for the interview.  Often the interviewer will be looking for you to reiterate examples you provided on your job application, so be prepared.To ensure a strong candidacy for a coveted federal position, have a professional resume writer who is familiar with federal specifications prepare your application so you can stand head and shoulders above the other applicants.

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