Professional Federal Resume Writing Services Thrive Because the Process is so DIFFICULT

April 6, 2007 – 8:52 am

Professional Federal resume writing services thrive in the world today because the process is difficult.  Those who are extremely well qualified in Federal positions and want to acquire those positions, for any of a number of reasons whether it be to serve the public, gain job security, or simply because in their field the government is the most likely place to find meaningful work, are often experts in their fields.  But, they are not necessarily expert writers!Even in the world of writers, resume writing itself is a specialty.  Most professional resume writers have at one time or another prepared a resume for an advertising consultant, newspaper reporter, English professor, technical writer from industry or some other professional communicator who has enough sense to realize that resume writing is a specialty and help is needed.  Federal resume writing is a specialty within the specialty.  Not every professional resume writer does Federal work, and those that do generally receive intensive training from the professional organizations they belong to and study the forms and requirements.Federal resumes are long, complex and have rules to follow that the average private sector resume does not.  They also genially require accompanying documents called KSA’s or knowledge skills and aptitudes, answering specific questions.  If getting the Federal government job is important to a job candidate then getting the help of a professional to successfully navigate the difficult process is key, and needed.

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