Understanding the Various Resumix Resume Formats: A Brief Overview of the NAVY Resume

November 8, 2007 – 9:54 am

Preparing a resume for a Federal position is much different than putting together a resume for a job in the private sector.  The Federal government has specifications with regard to applying that need to be following or your application will be dismissed.  The online Resumix resume submission system will reject your resume if it does not follow the proper format so it is essential to follow the guidelines carefully so your resume will be considered.

Your Navy resume must follow several specific guidelines to be acceptable.  You can describe up to 6 positions when listing your work experience using no more than 7,500 characters per position.  There are separate fields for your education, training, certifications, skills, awards, licensing and the like, which are also used for your KSAs.  The maximum length of a Navy resume is 5 pages, which can be somewhat limiting depending on your background.  Although most Navy resumes follow this format, not all do.

If you want to ensure the accuracy and impact of your Navy resume, have it prepared by a professional resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications.  This solid investment in your future could mean landing a coveted position with the Navy or continuing to wish you had.

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