When Everyone Else Gears Down for the Holiday Season, Seize the Opportunity to Put Your Federal Job Search into Overdrive

November 19, 2007 – 8:28 pm

Consider that the Federal government is the largest employer in the United States today and employs over 2 percent of the nation’s non-military workers.  Also think about the fact that many people gear down for the holiday season and take a break from activities such as applying for jobs.  While everyone else is sipping holiday eggnog, seize the opportunity to put your Federal job search in overdrive during a time when there are traditionally less applicants.The Federal government is constantly hiring and posting new job openings, even during the hectic holiday season.  As employees retire and get promoted, the turnover creates ongoing job opportunities at there can be up to 18,000 vacancy announcements at a certain time.  Consider the hundreds of options that may be available in your field of expertise when you apply during the holiday season!To give yourself an additional advantage, get yourself a special holiday gift – a professional resume writer.  Hiring a Federal resume writing expert who is familiar with Federal specifications to handle your job application can mean the difference between partying in celebration of your new job and the holidays or continuing to pound the pavement in search of a desirable Federal position.

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