Student Jobs in the Federal Government: Check Out E-Scholars

October 3, 2007 – 2:20 pm

You can actually get a student job with the Federal government for an excellent jump start on your future.  By getting a student job with the Federal government, you can learn skills, gain valuable work experience and even have a possible career lined up for your future.   If you are interested in a coveted Federal student position, check out e-Scholar where you will find a myriad of information.E-Scholar is a one-stop portal that publicizes the education opportunities that are available within the Federal government for students from high school to doctorate level and career professionals.  In fact, e-Scholar is the umbrella term that encompasses scholarships, fellowships, internships, jobs, apprenticeships, cooperative education and grants within the Federal government and help link to those educational opportunities.Each of the Federal educational opportunities has difference requirements but most require you to actively pursue a diploma, certificate or degree.  Students also have to be in good academic standing a school, meet government security requirements and be a United States citizen.  Each specific program will have its own eligibility program.  Consult with a professional Federal resume writing service that’s familiar with the process to find out the best way to go about getting a desirable Federal student position in a competitive arena.

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