Supervisors Names and Phone Numbers are Required on a Federal Resume

September 19, 2007 – 11:10 am

Federal resumes are quite different than the resumes used to apply for jobs in the private sector.  There are numerous applicants for federal positions and having a complete resume is essential to get consideration in the competitive federal job arena.For example, including the nature of your previous work experience and the places of your former employment is not enough information on a federal job resume.  You must also include the name of each of your supervisors along with a contact telephone number for that supervisor.  Unlike the private sector, federal employers will not even consider searching for this information on your behalf.  After all, there are many other applicants who may have included this information, making it more efficient for a federal employer to use their resumes and dismiss one without contact information.  If you have a supervisor that has a new contact number or a can no longer be reached, make sure to indicate such pertinent facts specifically on your resume.This is just one of the relevant guidelines that must be considered when you are putting together a resume to apply for a federal position.  In fact, federal government resumes can be up to three or four pages long to include all the required information.  If you are overwhelmed by federal requirements, hire a professional resume writer to prepare your federal resume.  A professional resume writer will have experience with federal guidelines and know the proper way to prepare your resume so it gets noticed rather than passed by.

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