The Anatomy of a Federal Job Posting: Understanding the Requirements

April 9, 2007 – 8:45 am

When seeking Federal employment and looking at Federal job postings, understanding the requirements of the job listed is key.  It does a candidate for a job no good whatsoever to apply for a position for which that candidate is not qualified according to listed requirements.  Pay careful attention to the posting.  First make sure that you actually do meet the listed requirements, and if you do, then make sure that your Federal resume writing covers all of the necessary ground in informing the reader of those qualifications.Also, a Federal job posting will probably, aside from a federal resume, require KSA’s, Knowledge Skills Aptitudes specific questions that must be answered.  Even though these questions will sometimes repeat information from the resume itself, following the old rule of “tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them” hold true for Federal applications as they do in other résumés.  In a competitive environment making sure that your qualifications  are not missed by the reader is important, just as it is important that you read the requirements very carefully and make sure that you have the experience, the education and the other attributes that are necessary to be hired in this position.

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