The Average Federal Job Seeker Spends 12-16 Hours on an Application – Why Not Hire a Pro?

May 16, 2007 – 3:13 pm

The average Federal job seeker spends between 12 and 16 hours working on an application.  Why not hire a pro?  Consider first the benefits of using a professional Federal resume writer when it comes to the quality of your resume.  Doesn’t it make sense that someone who prepares Federal resumes for a living and has done so for a while will be good at what he or she does?  Just like a lawyer, a plumber and a good auto technician, practice makes perfect, and a professional workman earns his or her pay through professional competence.  The pro will undoubtedly do a better job of preparing your Federal resume that you will.  The resume writer would, on the other hand, always defer to you or someone like you in your area of specialty.Next, consider the amount of time you spend working on it yourself and what your time is worth.  What do you earn per hour on the job?  If you normally make $20 an hour, then 12 to 16 hours means you have $240 to $320 invested.  If you make $40 an hour you have $480 to $640 invested. And what you wind up with is a resume that is not as good, or as effective as the one the professional would have crafted.  It will not do as good a job for you, and may not obtain the interview you desire.  In that case you would have wasted your time, your money and your opportunity. Sometimes hiring a professional to do what they do best is the least expensive way to handle a situation.

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