The Essential Sections of a Federal Resume

April 24, 2007 – 8:59 am

The Federal resume is divided into several sections, and each should be given proper consideration when applying for Federal jobs.  These sections are the contact information, work history, the education section, additional training or professional development, associations and organizations, the objective, the professional profile, the computer proficiency section, and licenses and certifications.The objective section should clearly outline the job being applied for, including all applicable identification numbers.  The profile should be a condensed summary of qualifications.  The work history will go into great detail on jobs held in the past, duties and responsibilities, and accomplishments along with contact information of supervisor and dates of employment.  The education section will list all college degrees, periods of college or trade school attendance, and high school graduation information, or GED information.  Associations of course list clubs and organizations, especially those of a professional nature.  Licenses and certifications won’t apply to everyone, but if they are applicable they are very important. For instance, an airplane pilot would need to list a pilot’s license, or a certified police officer applying to Homeland Security would need to list certification.  All of these sections need to be as complete as possible.A certified Federal resume writing professional can tell you what information needs to be include and put it in the appropriate format.

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