The Importance of a KSA in a Federal Application: Manadatory and NOT Optional

April 2, 2007 – 3:22 pm

When a KSA is listed as needed in a Federal job posting remember that is not optional, it is mandatory, and if your resume is submitted without the appropriate KSA’s accompanying it then you have wasted time, money and paper, and the résumé itself will be ignored.When Federal job vacancies are announced KSA’s are usually announced with them. KSA stands for Knowledge Skills Aptitude and allows a job candidate to answer specific questions giving quantifiable examples of results achieved in circumstances in previous positions that would relate to, and qualify a person for, the job being applied for. A simple example would be a KSA that specifies written communication skills. The appropriate response in the KSA document would be to refer to times in previous professional positions when written communication skills were required to achieve a needed result. The writing needs to flow smoothly, be easy to read, but include hard evidence of the skill asked for.The same is true of any KSA requested, and the more specific the answers to the questions, then the better the changes are that the resume and KSA document will actually be reach and result in an interview.

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