The Secret to An Effective KSA Statement: Using CCAR

May 2, 2007 – 10:22 am

The secret to an effective KSA statement to accompany your Federal resume is to using the CCAR model, which stands for Context, Challenge, Action and Results.   Context means the title of the job you held or the role that you played.  Challenge is obviously the challenge of this project or this example. Action is a specific action in this case that led to the next section, Results.  In other words, what happened?  Preferably this will be of a positive nature.It is also wise when following this example or model to reference awards you received in previous positions as they re examples of positive results.  Also specialized training that you have had that would support the particular KSA statement. For instance, someone applying with Homeland Security who once worked as a police officer and attended a law enforcement academy would list that.Utilizing the CCAR model will lead to more effective KSA statements and better results for the applicant.  Of course using the services of a professional Federal resume writer increases the chances of good results because they are familiar with the model and used to writing to put the client’s best foot forward in this context.

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