The Various Approaches to Tackling a KSA for a Federal Job Posting

May 16, 2007 – 3:00 pm

Here are some ways to approach KSA statements:* Describe a specific situation.* Give an overview of your experience.* Give an example of relevant education or training.* Describe an award given for specific accomplishments.Each of these scenarios will allow the author of the KSA statement to go back mentally and picture times in the past when skills that are needed and must be demonstrated have been used.  Considering these various approaches to tacking a KSA for a Federal job posting as a mental device to spark the memory and allow a retelling of  events that would be of benefit is a good way to work on a KSA.Remember that KSA stands for knowledge, skills and aptitudes and these are the things that must be demonstrated.  Describing a specific situation, for example, allows the writer to show how in past situations these skills and aptitudes were used, and how knowledge was demonstrated.  Of course, professional Federal resume writers use these same techniques when gathering information about you to use in composing KSA statements, and can provide assistance when you are truly serious about the job posting.

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