Public Speaking & The Art of Persuasion for Executives in Federal Government SES Positions

October 19, 2007 – 2:03 pm

When a candidate is fortunate enough to get a coveted position as an SES executive with the Federal government, it is essential to continually educate yourself and hone your professional skills.Through supplemental courses and seminars, many SES executives are sharpening their abilities in the areas of public speaking and the art of persuasion. Because SES executives are the leaders within the Federal government, these skills are essential for them to adequately handle their jobs.The ability to harness the power of public speaking can make a major difference in an SES executive’s career. Communicating the objectives and position of government leaders to employees and the public is a key element to a successful system. Speaking clearly, concisely and appropriately to gain the attention of all types of people is a valued skill as an SES executive.The power of persuasion is helpful in many ways for SES executives. From other federal agencies to employees to public entities, there is some level of persuasion required on behalf of SES executives. By encouraging people to follow the intended plan and vision of your department or agency, you are furthering the abilities of the Federal government.To become a key player within the Federal government and realize significant earnings as an SES executive, sharpen those public speaking and persuasion skills today.

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