The Basics of the Army Resume Builder Process

September 11, 2007 – 11:25 am

The Army Resume Builder has modernized, simplified and shortened the application process by combining both the former Resume Builder and questionnaire into one application that offers multiple benefits to applicants.Now user friendly and menu driven, the Army Resume Builder no longer requires that applicants spend time scrolling down one long page. It also provides  “copy/cut” and “paste” capabilities  that allow applicants to copy or cut information from your current resume or prepared answers into Resume Builder.The Army Resumix Resume Builder offers worksheet formats for work experience, education and additional information, thus organizing applicants’ information into a correct and easy-to-use format that automatically puts new job experience entries at the beginning of the resume. Users can opt to enter job experience in one large text box versus six individual boxes, thereby allowing more flexibility, or  use the worksheet formats for entering work experience, education and additional information.  This design ensures that information is submitted in proper format.The Army Resume Builder also provides more help menus and wizards to assist applicants in answering questions and entering information. In fact. it’s so easy to use no applicant should have any problems providing the Army with the information it needs!

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