The Federal Job Posting is Critical to Creating a Powerful Resume and KSA

August 21, 2007 – 9:44 am

It is critical to consider the Federal job posting to create a truly powerful resume and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) in a competitive job market.  In order to make your resume and KSA stand out from the rest, you need to follow the guidelines for submission and consider other major details.For example, using certain keywords can get your resume and KSA noticed over a sea of other applicants.  Keywords that describe your abilities in one or two words are powerful and grab attention.  Look at the “skills”, “requirements” or “qualifications” sections of federal job postings to see what the buzz words may be and use them in your resume and KSA to describe your abilities and how they relate to the position you are applying for.It is important to be concise and get right to the point about what you have to offer in your resume and KSA.  The busy federal employer should be able to pick up your finer qualities in ten to fifteen seconds and be drawn in by what you have to offer the position.  Answer the question at hand, highlight your accomplishments and use numbers to prove  your abilities to produce results.Because your resume and KSA are your key to getting a coveted Federal position, hiring a professional resume writer is a solid investment in your future.  A professional resume writer is familiar with Federal resume and KSA specifications and will give your application the polish it needs to grab attention over a plethora of other applicants.

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