The Federal Job Process: Debunking the Myths

August 1, 2007 – 12:18 pm

With sixty percent of federal workers retiring in ten years according to the Office of Personnel Management, plenty of opportunities will exist to secure a coveted federal position. However, the process of applying for a federal job is quite different than applying in the private sector. Let’s debunk some of the myths about seeking federal employment in a competitive market:

Buying federal job listings and enrolling in federal job seminars will give me clear sailing toward a federal job. Many of these listings are scams and not even affiliated with the federal government. Information regarding job vacancies with the federal government and postal service is always free.The screening questions are a breeze. Keywords that match the questions are imperative when answering screening questions, as well as responding concretely with explicit information.The government people can translate a resume into Federal format. This simply won’t happen. The feds require specific information depending on the position, such as your social security number, and the resume has to be proper upon submission.

I really don’t have to fax or mail those forms. Additional documentation is required to be considered for a federal position.My application just disappeared. Have patients and keep organized records – it can take the government anywhere from 45 days to six months to actually hire someone.

The recruiter can figure out if I’m qualified or not. Not quite – you need to clearly demonstrate your qualifications for a desirable federal position.

To have success in the federal government system, consider hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with the submission requirements for federal positions. Having a professional resume writer handle your application for a federal position can mean the difference between getting your dream job – or just dreaming about it.

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