The Lo-Down on the ECQ: A Critical Component of an SES Federal Job Application

June 26, 2007 – 11:41 am

Federal job resumes have specific requirements which can get rather tricky. A critical component of an SES federal job application is the ECQ. An ECQ stands for Executive Core Qualifications, which are essential to land a desirable federal position.Working at the SES Federal level means that you will be in upper management or an executive level Federal position. Attaining one of these valued positions is extremely competitive and the documents you submit are carefully scrutinized. An ECQ lists competencies that the Federal job requires in the form of short essays. An applicant must list all skills needed to complete the job, as well list skills that show an ability to fit in with and benefit the corporate environment in the government department where they wish to work.Your ECQ can list business accomplishments, how you improves processes at your last job and other skills that are applicable to the Federal position you want. After reviewing your ECQ, the reader should feel you are a practical, natural fit for the position you are applying for.Clearly, a lot is on the line when preparing your ECQ. To be sure you are submitted the best ECQ possible, consider investing in your future by hiring a professional SES resume & ECQ writer. A professional resume is worth its weight in gold – especially if you attain that dream Federal position!

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