The Race to Secure an SES Federal Position

August 30, 2007 – 10:26 am

 It Takes Skill, Experience and a Killer Resume

Securing a desirable SES federal position can be difficult in such a competitive job market.  SES federal jobs are executive level positions that offer outstanding pay and benefits along with job security and there are no shortage of applicants for this viable government positions.To qualify for a coveted SES federal position, you need to have superior skills, experience with a proven track record and a killer resume to back up your claims.  When you apply for a senior executive position with the federal government, you need to follow certain guideline and submit specific information about your background to qualify for consideration.  If your resume does not answer the questions or follow the requirements for submission, it will be put aside.  Therefore, it is extremely important to get your SES resume right the first time so you are not excluded from consideration for a federal executive position.Hiring a profession resume writer who is familiar with federal specifications is a solid investment in your future.  A resume writer knows how to prepare a killer resume that attacks all the issues the federal government wants to hear about.  Make sure your resume stands out from the rest by having a professional prepare for you – after all, as an executive, you know the importance of superior help.

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